Jo Downs Dishes Sea Scape Dishes

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These stunning bespoke Handmade Glass dishes are perfect for holding your jewellery, cotton wool, keys, loose change etc.  It is handmade in Cornwall by Jo Downs. The Jo Downs Jewellery Dishes Blue Fish or Green Fish or Sea Mix Dishes come in two sizes, 12cm and 17cm, see below.

The Blue Fish Dish/Bowl is a mix of blue shades, teal blue on one edge with russet coloured fish swimming around and the rest of the dish is mid to dark blue with 3D bubbles in it.  This bowl is available in 12cm size. Truly stunning.

The Green Fish Dish/Bowl is a mix of different green colours giving the impression that the russet fish are swirling around the bowl, creating bubbles in the ocean!  This bowl comes in two sizes, 12cm and 17cm. A beautiful piece of art.

The Sea Mix bowl is an aqua blue colour with a row of sea horses, fish and starfish around the rim. The dish has bubbles inlaid giving the appearance of swirling water where the fish are swimming!  This bowl comes in two sizes, 12cm and 17cm.

It looks beautiful on a bedside table, a dressing table or in your bathroom to look after your jewellery whilst relaxing in the bath or shower or sleeping. Or holding your cotton wool, loose change or your nick knacks.  An unique gift for a man for loose change, cufflinks, tieclip or other jewellery.

Each dish comes in its own white gift box.



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