Jo Downs Glass Fish Bowl 14cm

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This Bowl is absolutely Stunning! It is handmade in Cornwall by Jo Downs, the Fish are inlaid in the glass swimming on the tidal current with clear air bubbles or sea swirl spreading out from the fish as they swim merrily along! This Fishscape Bowl curves up slightly from the middle to give that bowl effect without loosing the sea scape design.

The colours of the bowl are tarnished russet/gold for the fish on a blue sea background, surrounded by the clear sea! 

So what would you use this bowl for, there are soooooo many uses! as an ornament; for keys (so you don't loose them); soap in the bathroom; Bath bombs in the bathroom!; coins at the end of the day; or jewellery. Let me know what you use yours for in our Review! Perfect for House, Home, Men and Women!! An unique gift for a man for loose change, cufflinks, tieclip or other jewellery.

Bracelet not included for illustration purposes only!

Bath Bombs not included for illustration purposes only!

Dimensions 14cm




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