Bath Beans by The Bean People

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Bath Beans by the Bean People make bath time fun.

  • 2 Bath Beans per pack
  • 1 - 2 shaped sponges per capsule
  • Non Toxic
  • Drop the capsule in the bath, like you would a bath bomb and wait for it to dissolve! Or remove the sponge from the capsule and drop into the bath.
  • Sea Creatures bath beans - swim out as a dolphin, fish, whale & octopus. Age 3+
  • Animals of the World bath beans - stride out as a reindeer, camel, polar bear and kangaroo. Age 3+ 
  • Fairy Folk Bath Beans - fly out as the queen fairy, princess fairy, and a goblin. Age 3+
  • Fairy Tales Bath Beans - Prince, Princess, Horse and Fairy Princess Castle. Age 3+
  • Stocking Filler



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