Alex Toys BackYard Safari Wet & Dry Field Kit

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Award Winning Toy - Parents' Choice Approved Award

Excavate a dig site, collect creatures or accomplish other field tasks.

Set includes a Lazer Light Bug Vac, (I call it the spider catcher!) Scoop Net, Magna Bucket and 6 in 1 Field Tools.

The Lazer Light Bug Vac, allows you to gently suck up bugs so you can observe them. The Scoop Net Floats in water has a 20inch reach so is useful for gathering up Tadpoles or Swamp Creatures! The Magna Bucket with its built in magnifying lens helps with viewing your creepy crawlies in more detail.  The 6 in 1 tool has everything you need whilst exploring the Outback and even clips to your shorts/trousers for safe keeping.  The 6 in 1 tool includes a mini angled field mirror, safety whistle, mini spade, tongs, brush and telescoping magnet.

This is the ultimate outdoor kit for use in your Garden, at the Park or whilst Camping and will encourage your child to get out doors and explore!  A Fantastic set, it will keep your children entertained for ages!

Suitable for Boys and Girls!

4AA batteries Included

Ages 6+



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