Bath anyone! Sprudels or Bath Beans

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So I have been working hard on getting the website ready for you! And I have to say I'm really happy with it. 

So today's blog is all about bath time! I've got some new products that I'd like to tell you about. They will be fantastic stocking fillers and Christmas presents. You will find both products using the following link

so here we go........


I discovered these bath Sprudels on my travels and was really impressed with them. They are kid friendly bath bombs!  They fizz and have a light fragrance for kids, not over powering but the most exciting thing is, they have a hidden gift inside, a little shaped sponge will float to the top of your bath, how cool is that? Double excitement for your kids at bathtime, I don't think you'll have any problems getting them in the bath when they see these little beauties.

The Sprudels come in individual packs or in packs of 6.  The individual ones make a good stocking filler, or you could trial one then buy the bigger pack!!


Bath Beans

These are soooooo cute. They are little magic bath beans!, you put them in your bath, just like a bath bomb, they disintegrate and out pop 2 shaped sponges for your little one to play with.  How much fun is that, you'll have no complaints about bath time after using these. You get two beans per pack and two sponges per bean and they come in different designs, see below. 

  • Fairy tales bath beans
  • Fairy folk bath beans
  • Animals of the world bath beans
  • Sea creatures bath beans
  • Dinosaurs bath beans

Happy bathtime Kids and Adults!!



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